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International Medical Plans

You can choose to buy health insurance in one of two ways.

The first option is to buy a local health insurance plan issued by an insurer in the country where you live. This has the advantage that the service is local, and it is mostly addressed to locals that have a very slim chance to immigrate. Furthermore, it is cheaper than the international ones but it does not offer some covers such as pregnancy, newborn cover without examining medical history, dental expenses etc.

The second option is to buy health insurance from an overseas or international health insurance provider. These companies are typically health insurance experts and are often regulated in Europe or the USA, ensuring a high standard of governance. There are typically many more health insurance companies to choose from, and you are allowed to buy these overseas options in most countries around the world.


The main benefits of the international programs are:


  • Direct cover when abroad, without the need for invoice translation at local consulate / embassy
  • Pregnancy and newborn cover, disregarding medical record
  • Dental cover
  • Cover continues even if you relocate
  • Less exclusions than local contracts
  • Health insurance experts regulated in Europe


Here at PROBITY Insurance Brokers we specialize in advising you on the right international health insurance company for your specific needs. We choose to work with health insurance companies which offer the best services to their clients and have a proven record in handling claims and difficulties as quickly as possible.


Get in touch with us NOW for a personalized review of your health insurance needs and obtain a quote!


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